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O mnie: Weifang Gold Containment Co.,Ltd is the leading manufacturer in China specialized in the production and development of collapsible pillow tank, fuel tank ,flexitank for 20ft container etc . Built with precision and quality in mind, all our collapsible tank is only with top quality ,best grade material and most advanced technology. At present ,all our products has been approved with CE , ISO , FDA , SGS etc , our factory is managed strictly under ISO 22000:2005 and all production is carried out under ISO 9001:2008. To provide our customer with quality assured product is our production criteria. Long-term and sustainable cooperation with our every customer is what we are pursuing.
Participation in international research programs and innovative projects, Gold Containment has been always on the high level of technology development, implementation and production, constantly expanding the range and improving the efficiency parameters of products.
We have been working with Global Aid Agencies, International Relief Agencies and National Governments since 1990, responding to emergency/humanitarian aid situations and as part of planned infrastructure development projects.
At present, our main products include Collapsible pillow water tank , collapsible fuel tank, Collapsible onion tank, Flexi tank(for transportation of liquids in 20ft container).We will keep on researching and developing new products to meet customers' growing diversified demand.
Gold containment, Gold quality!Reinforced PVC Water Storage Bladder for Drinking Water

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