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O mnie: Our Factory
Broadyea® who is specialized in food machinery manufacture by R&D、 production、sales、after-sales service about more than 20 years, and our productions are exported to USA, Brazil, Roumania, Southeast of Asia and many other countries. Our target is to be satisfy at all times the needs of our customers by pragmatic and enterprising to become one of the best food machinery manufacturer. We have a team of great experienced design engineers and manufacture technicians, which forms a rounded management system of rules and process. Over the years has been committed to research the production about high and new. After unremitting effort, our main products are as followings:
Instant noodle production line;
Frying noodle production line;
Drying noodle production line;
Function noodle production line;
Our company is the only one who have several numerical control equipment which was imported from Japan and own the highest advanced control system, which guarantee the high quality of the production line. Besides, we have a subsidiary company, who is specilized in automation control system for food machinery manufacture, and it provides the product for many food machinery manufacturer in China. Professional, high-precision numerical control equipment and automation control system. Our company are not only to provide the equipment to our customers, but also furnish customers with relevant the process of production and technical assistance, as well as the equipment of installation, setting-up, personnel training, after-sales service etc. So it makes Broadyea become one of the best food machinery of first-class domestic counterparts in China.
We believe: An outstanding quality, Broadyea creates. We are looking forward to long-term cooperation with you.
Our Product
Instant noodle production line
Fresh noodle production line
Frying noodle production line
Drying noodle production line
Funotion noodle production line
Noodle line
Product Application
Food Machinery, Flour Products, Instant Noodles, Noodles
Our Certificate

Production Equipment
Automatic welding robot, Double-head spot welder, CNC turret punch press, CNC bending machine
Processing equipment of Japanese AMADA and murata company: CNC laser machine tools, CNC bending machine, CNC punching machine, and automatic welding wire and other processing equipment of domestic ABB company.
Production Market
Distributed in southeast Asia, Africa, Middle East, Europe and other parts of the world, successively sold more than 200 kinds of production line equipment.
Our Service
Pre-sales: we’ll conscientious the needs of customer that make an accurate analysis and reasonable layout, which aims to satisfy for you.
Sale: we use the advanced design concepts and modular design that make the utility model has the advantages of reasonable structure and high automation, which make our equipment and mechanical performance reach the optimum design range by the precision work. The materials accord with the requirement of food hygiene and looks very beautiful.
After-sales service: we’ll provides the serve of equipment installation, debugging, personnel training, after-sales service etc.China Half Dried Noodle Production Line Cooking Machine

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