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Info od admina:

Dear members,

Theres seems to be a delay in the payout so we request the members to stop requesting payout until further notice. It seems we must all suffer due to the slow process of our transactions being cleared on alertpay and paypal. We ask you to be patient with us, we are not going anywhere nor do we have plans to scam anyone so don't get such ideas, i have read on google the scams that people have pulled using buxhost. We are still in our 1st month and we have paid nearly $600. we would like generatebux to be a success but it won't be if it weren't for its members. So i congratulate everyone for their participation in bringing new members to our site.

So i repeat my fellow members please don't request payout yet because your payout will be put on hold automatically, and those who have requested payout i would like to tell you your money is safe you will be the first ones on the list to get your pay as soon as alertpay and paypal clear our transaction.

Thank you all kindly,


Czyli jakby nie inaczej jak tylko SCAM

Mam dużo cierpliwości i poczekam, jakkolwiek nie bardzo wierzę w cuda. Oczywiście jak dostanę pieniądze to pochwalę sie na forum.

Własnie otrzymałam wypłatę.

Dowodzik można prosic?

Nastepna wiadomość:

Dear members,

As of tomorrow night the 19/08/2011 I will be going on a 10 day break. In this time i will be offline as i wont have internet connection but from the 01/09/2011 I have plans to make generatebux more popular, Instant pay will be back on, We will have a more professional forum because this one keeps on getting spammed everyday and also More great deals for everyone from members to advertisers. I have already checked and it seems like our advertising prices are at a very low cost but we have plans to check over 50 to 100 Legit, paying ptc sites and beat all of them in advertising prices.

Speaking of advertising as we are a ptc site we offer our members ads to view, thats how the site continues to grow so in our absence we will set Auto-accept advertisements on so that if any of our members want to advertise it will automatically get accepted without going on hold.

We feel that we have been truthful to all of you and we expect you to do the same for us when we need it the most, These last 10 days of this month are very important for me so we need you all to co-operate with us in our absence i.e don't try to scam us.

We will not turn instant pay on until the begining of next month this is for security reasons only.

If you have any questions about this feel free to contact us via a support ticket and we will try to clear it up for you. You have approximately 17 hours to send us a support ticket anything after that we will not be able to reply to as we will be away and we won't have any connection to the internet.

Thank you for your support

koniec buxa

admin był na tyle uczciwy że poinformował o tym na forum , prosząc o nie oglądanie reklam i nie inwestowanie na stronie ;

tym co zainwestowali zwraca pieniądze ( jak odejść to w dobrym stylu )
pewniak [Obrazek: clixsense_gpt468x60a.png]
pewniak> [Obrazek: banner10.gif]

teraz jak zainwestowałes i buxsie zecami to i tak jest sposob aby odzyskac kase

Jaki ??


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