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Pod lupą Trafficnetplus - 120% - prelunch
[Obrazek: 20151203125614.gif]

Trafficnetplus – Nowy Program Revenue Share w fazie prelunch (data startu: 30.01.2016)

Jeden plan inwestycyjny: AP za 10$
Naliczanie: 4%/dzień, aktualizacja co godzinę
Wygaśnięcie paczki po 30 dniach - 120%=12$
Subskrypcja: 5$/msc
Referencje: 10% za AP, 40% za subskrypcję
Procesory: Paypal, Solid Trust Pay, Payza
Admin: Vell Duverny

Do programu przystąpił znany admin TrafficNCash - Jean Duclerne - oby to był program na miarę drugiego TNC, który dalej działa znakomicie!
Na obecną chwilę w programie zarejestrowanych ponad 700 osób.. A tu jeszcze prawie miesiąc do startu.


P.S. Posiadam kalkulator do liczenia zarobków z programu Smile


Informacje o adminie:

Dear Members,

My name Is Velly Duverny, for the past years, I have been a member of severals Revshare Network Marketing groups.

I have learned about what make the most successfull websites sucessfull, and I have also learned about what make some other networking businesses fail.

Best marketing practices, trust, good security, and team networking are the key points that could bring success for a business.

I decide to create TrafficNetPlus marketing group as a totally different Revshare model. Therefore, I want to tell everyone to be sucessfull today, me as the head of the Admin, I want you to always PROMOTE TrafficNetPlus everywhere anywhere like it was your own business. As a result, you will have a team in your Network. The more member you have in your team, the more people will visit TrafficNetPlus. Therefore, you will earn more money.

Again together, we built TrafficNetPlus to be the most sustainable, and the most reliable Network advertising.

We believe in Advertising, that is why we promote on every revshare websites. We ask each of our member to do the same.

TrafficNetPlus calls all its members a networking family.

If I can be sucessfull in all the Revshare buisnesses that i have participated, I have determined to make you sucessfull as well.


Next week, drop a note for me, and tell me about us.

Thank You

Velly Duverny


Niecałe 17 dni do startu!!!
Już prawie 1100 osób!!
Każdemu kto zarejestruje się z mojego reflinku przysługuje RCB 50% NA ZAWSZE!
To samo tyczy się pozostałych revsharów, w których działam Smile

Czysty link: REJESTRACJA

informacje od admina:

Hello TNP advertisers
Many of you are sending tickets to admin asking about PayPal because of what other revshare Programs have been encountered. No worries, TNP is in good business standing with PayPal at this point. We gave PayPal everything required in order to be compliant.In the future,like any other company, PayPal may decide to review our account, but we will only provide what they want, and we will continue to do business together. We are taking time to open TNP, that is why we allowed close to 45 days promoting. Therefore, we will do our best to make all members have the best experience. Keep promoting! Thank you for your cooperation! Admin

W skrócie admin nie rezygnuje z PP w programie.
Ponad 1250 użytkowników Wink

Widzę że otwarcie przesunęło się Smile Licznik pokazuje 8 dni do startu Smile

Dokładnie - start przesunięty na 6 lutego. Już ponad 1700 osób w TNP Smile

Update admina, zmiany przed startem:

Few Changes Before Official Launch
Based On members request, PayPal will not be added as a Payment Processor.
They icone will be there, but disabled
All Paypal users need to create an Account with STP and or Payza and get verified before launch.
It was hard to take this decision,but it will be in the best interest of our members.
Because of users concerns that TNP is a Fast Paying Revshare, and because sometimes even Payment Processors have a real concern about High/Fast return. We have decided to distribute 2% of Revenue per day instead of 4%.
50% of earning will go to Cash Balance, 50% to Repurshase. This decision will add more sustainability
to our program , and answer to the concerns of Payment Processors and members.
You will still earn 40% or $2 for each referral made on the $5 membership fee.
All commissions will split 50% Cash 50% Repurshase.
Maximum Amount Withdrawal :$100 and Minimum : $20
For those of you who asked me, TNP provide two low promotional free surfing plans:
$10 Plan for 15 Days, $15 Plan for 30 days. Those are availlable ony for the month of February.
We Only accept Payza and SOLIDTRUSTPAY , Please do not send ticket asking why you cannot use PayPal.
Thank you for being good promoters , Thank you for your supports and advises.
Within few hours before launch you will be able to upgrade your account
Velly Duverny
Admin TrafficNetPlus

Najważniejsze nie będzie jednak PayPal w programie, admin widząc co się dzieje w innych rs rezygnuje, admin stawia na dlugie działanie programu decyduje sie zmniejszyc naliczenia do 2% dziennie, zmiana podziału cash/rep 50/50 i wypłat 100$ max, bedą też dwa promocyjne plany na start 10 i 15$ dostępne jedynie w lutym.

TNP admin decides to put back the daily return to 4% per our members request.
That being said, if you have 500 ad-packs, you should earn nearly about $200 each day
If you earn 10 shares, you would earn approximately to $4 per day
until they mature.
We have good sign about the future of our program.
Sales are doing great, most members are upgrading their account.


Wow..według moich spostrzeżeń i obliczeń statystyki wyglądają tak:
paczka wygasa w ciągu 8,(3) dni
Co daje naliczenia na poziomie 14,4% dziennie! TNP is the best!

paczka wygasa w ciągu 33,(3) dni
Co daje naliczenia na poziomie 3,6% dziennie


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